Mass Empty :
Mass Full : if blank = empty
Fuel Capacity :

FSD Rating : A-E (not case sensitive)
FSD Class : 2 and up
FSD Max Fuel :
FSD Optimal Mass :
FSD Mass :

FSD Mass Mod : + if mod increases mass, - if it decreases if input mode is percentage
FSD Optimal Mass Mod :
FSD Max Fuel Mod :
Mod input mode : percentage
else new stat value // Note: percentage is less accurate but generally is faster to type

current Range (Empty)

range increase (Empty)

new Range (Empty)

current Range (Full)

range increase (Full)

new Range (Full)

current Range (Max)

range increase (Max)

new Range (Max)

Save Ship Mass and FSD values in cookies

FSD Mod Calculation and Comparison Tool

As the title says, this is the FSD Mod Calculator. The ultimate tool for anyone who's upgrading their FSD with an engineer. It features state of the art text input fields, the most beautiful black background ever seen on the Internet, the option to store values, and a standard font. Never has the Internet been so enjoyable.
Simply enter the current stats of your craft (you can look them up in outfitting), then go to see what the Engineer has to offer, and punch their numbers in to the Mod fields.

With update 5 and 6, I've tried to solve the 0.00 accuracy by rounding some numbers to 1, 2 or 8 decimal points before calculation. I tested with only 1 and 2 decimal accuracy, but the results were off, so nearly all background calculations have 8 decimals of accuracy, unless the ingame numbers are less accurate.
When using percentages, calculations were off by a bit, and the errors accumulated over subsquent 'application and roll' loops. To resolve this, I included the option to enter the new values directly: this is a requires more typing, and typing less conveiant numbers, but is much more accurate and doesn't let errors accumulate over subsequent 'mod application and roll' loops. More importantly, it has revealed to me that the values displayed aren't the values used in calculations since I managed to get two identical sets of stats ingame, with different ranges, but that was a 1% change on a sidewinder which had an effect of an 0.01Ly error.

Credits: CMDR Myv.hs, a.k.a Pepys
Extra Credits to and Elite Dangerous Shipyard. Thx for the multiplier and exponential values, I wouldn't of found them without digging through your code.

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