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Space Drifters 2D

by Matthew (a.k.a Pepys)

Defaut Controls

Turn Ship: Left Stick / A, D
Thrust: Xbox A / W
Flight Assist: Xbox X / S
RCS: Right Stick / Q, E, R, F

Shoot Laser: Xbox B / Space
Shoot Shotty: Xbox Y / Left Shift
Use Dark Energy: Xbox X / G
Menu Navigation: Left Stick / Arrows
Pause: Start / Escape
Submit: Xbox A / Return

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Left Stick

A/D -- J/L

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A (Green)

W -- I

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B (Red)

Space -- .

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Y (Yellow)

L Shift -- /

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Right Stick

Q/E/R/F -- U/O/P/;

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X (Blue)

S -- K

Changing Controls

RCS: by default simple RCS is on and only left to right movementcan be used. If you want the full RCS, with additional forwards and backward thrusters: in options turn Full RCS on. (Tip: RCS is only ment for small adjustments to trajectory)

Changing Input: in the Launcher you can change input. There are duplicates of Horizonal, RCSHorizonal and RCSVertical for both players at the bottom so you can bind keys/buttons instead of axes.

Solo / Co-Op Endless
The Universe is collapsing, space is shrinking and you are the last pilot(s) in the universe. Only a handful of types of stars have survived this long: most common are low mass stars, and higher mass variants are found less frequently. These can be stable or unstable, the unstable bodies are easier to destroy but release dangerous energy. This energy can damage ships or even completely disable defences and thrusters for a short period of time. Occasionaly, you'll come across a true star that is able to maintain a fusion reaction in its core. As long as their outer mantel is sustained they are stable, but once it's destroyed, energy starts pouring out at a much higher rate than any unstable star.
You are equiped with a Celestial Class Energy Dispersing Laser. Your shields can be concentrated to make thin slits from compressed space splitting the laser and randomly scattering the resulting pulses. After destroying a main sequence star you can sometimes find energy to strengthen your shields or even some dark energy that can temporarily reverse the collapsing of the surrounding space.

Asteroid Defence
Man's first weaponised space endeavour was to defend their home planet from asteroids. Because early detection methods couldn't find all asteroids on a collision course, late response measures were put in place and celestial class lasers were developped: first was introduced a single pulse laser that could strip an object of the energy needed to bind molecules and larger atoms. Then, by passing the laser through slits of compressed space they were able to devide the single pulse into multiple shots. However the split shots are much more affected by gravity. Using these weapons, mankind was able to defend Sol 3 against hundreds of potential impacts. From the debris of some of the life bearing asteroids, they were able to find new technologies to improve their defensive weapon.

Acrobatics have been a long lasting tradition among pilots: as early as 3x10^4Ey Homo Sapiens would twist and turn in their atomosphere-bound crafts. With the advent of deep space travel, the acrobatics had less to do with tackling atmospheres and gravity; deep space pilots now look for dense asteroid fields to test their skills by simply trying staying alive as long as possible and even getting as close to asteroids as possible (without touching them) for 'bonus points'.

Why does it seem the Universe is so Matter biased? Shouldn't matter and anti-matter be created equaly? ...What if Matter and Anti-Matter fought it out in the early Universe?
Defeat your opposite to claim you position in the Universe!

Hold The Flag
Another way Matter and Anti-Matter could triumph is be gaining mass. Pick up the Higgs Boson (flag) and hold it until the timer runs out. Holding the Boson however stop you from being able to shoot, so you must focus on dodgeing your enemies fire as he tries to destroy you and claim the Higgs Boson.

King of the Hill
To aquire mass and defeat your enemy you can also try to interact with the Higgs Field. Stay in the central zone until the timer runs out. Keep your opponant out of the Higgs Field and stay within it's borders longer to win.

Maybe Matter and Anti-Matter don't want to destroy each other, and just want to wiz around the planets and asteroids trying to be faster than the other. Choose between one of the 3 planet courses, or go to a random part of an asteroid field and fly back and forth between the white and purple zones. You can change the number of laps in the main menu.

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